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Assaults and Other Violence in The Workplace

Workplace violence

The phenomenon of workplace violence has intermittently made the news, though not for every violent incident causing injury to an employee. Certain professions must contend with a higher risk of violence, but employers have an obligation to take steps to minimize that risk as much as possible. Employers who fail to follow Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommendations on the prevention of workplace violence could be putting you at risk of serious injury. Following an incident of workplace violence, you may have a claim for your injuries.

Each year, American employees report nearly 2 million separate incidents of violence in the workplace. “Workplace Violence,” according to OSHA, is defined as “any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening, disruptive behavior that occurs at the worksite.” This broad definition includes verbal threats or harassing comments, physical attacks, or even homicide. OSHA laws require that employers take steps to ensure that their employees remain safe and healthy, including that they are free from violence or attack either from coworkers or outside individuals. When an employer is aware of a risk of attack but fails to take reasonable steps to prevent it, that employer puts itself at risk of receiving fines from OSHA as well as workers’ compensation claims, and puts its employees at risk of injury.

Certain work environments are known to be the sites of more frequent or more serious violent attacks. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that retailers, transportation companies, and protective service organizations are the sites of more frequent violence. Additionally, the locations of the most serious employee injuries caused by workplace violence are often medical care facilities and other social service providers. Recently, a large medical center was fined over $13,000 for failing to implement safety precautions to protect its employees after OSHA received eight reports in three months of worker injury as a result of violence.

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