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coffee held by a man while driving

Drivers, Knowing the Risk, Drive Dangerously Anyhow, Study Shows

By Jeremy M. Mattox |

Surveys of US drivers routinely show that most drivers think that their skills behind the wheel make them above-average at driving. Unfortunately, most drivers overestimate their abilities to avoid hazards on the road; 2016’s toll of over 40,000 lives lost to traffic accidents is a testament to the fallibility of drivers. A recent survey… Read More »

Concussion of the brain

Head Injuries Caused by Traumatic Accidents

By Jeremy M. Mattox |

The CDC estimates that traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are one of the country’s most common sources of disability and fatal injury, playing a role in roughly 30% of all deaths from injury. Slip-and-fall accidents and motor vehicle accidents are two of the most common ways that Americans incur injuries to their head and brain…. Read More »

construction worker falls from building

Recent Accident on University of Kentucky Campus Takes Life of Worker

By Jeremy M. Mattox |

An accident on the campus of the University of Kentucky took the life of a roofer. The accident is an example of the tragedies which can result from a worker who is not provided with adequate safety protections on a job site. Fatal fall from roof of structure The accident occurred at the site… Read More »

Fatal car crash.jpg.crdownload

Wintry Weather Leads to Crashes on Kentucky Roads

By Jeremy M. Mattox |

A recent spate of icy and snowy weather has hit the region, causing chaos on local roads. In order to stay safe and avoid a serious accident, there are strategies you can adopt while behind the wheel that can help you avoid a wreck. Read on for tips on navigating wintry weather. On average,… Read More »

Don't Be A Statistic on a chalk outline of a body

More American Workers Died on the Job in 2015

By Jeremy M. Mattox |

A recent report has revealed that more Americans died on the job in 2015 than in the previous six years. The report reveals that older and Hispanic workers may be at greater risk of fatal injury than other groups, and that the single most dangerous profession in the country doesn’t happen on a construction… Read More »

Red SUV gets side-swiped

What Causes Lane Departure Accidents?

By Jeremy M. Mattox |

Drifting from your lane on the road can happen with just a momentary lapse in attention. While most of us catch ourselves before damage can be done in the form of an accident, lane-departure or lane-drift accidents are fairly common, and can result in serious injuries. Read on to learn more about lane-departure accidents… Read More »


Three Things to Know About Surveillance after a Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Claim

By Jeremy M. Mattox |

If your application for Workers’ Compensation benefits has been met with pushback by your employer or the insurance provider, it’s possible that either party may take additional measures to avoid paying you benefits for your on-the-job injury. When insurance carriers or employers are skeptical about a claim you made under Workers’ Compensation, they might… Read More »


Large Commercial Vehicles to Have Speeds Limited by New Rule

By Jeremy M. Mattox |

Large trucks can weigh over 80,000 lbs. when fully loaded with cargo, while passenger vehicles tend to weigh between 2,000 and 5,000 lbs. These heavy vehicles necessarily require a great deal of distance to come to a stop, and when traveling at highway speeds, these distances become even greater. Each year, large trucks are… Read More »

Doctor and nurses

Healthcare Workers Susceptible to Serious Injuries on the Job

By Jeremy M. Mattox |

In an environment like a hospital, where workers are exposed to victims of preventable injuries every day as a part of their job, one might assume that management would take great pains to ensure that workers adhered to safety guidelines that would protect their health and well-being. Unfortunately, research shows this not to be… Read More »

Work Injury claim form

What Are Common Reasons Workers’ Compensation Claims Are Denied in Kentucky?

By Jeremy M. Mattox |

If you’ve been injured on the job, you are probably depending on your Kentucky Workers’ Compensation check to help you get by while you’re off work. When workers’ compensation claims are denied, it can take weeks or months for you to appeal the denial, especially if you don’t understand the reasons why your claim… Read More »

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