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Three Things to Know About Surveillance after a Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Claim


If your application for Workers’ Compensation benefits has been met with pushback by your employer or the insurance provider, it’s possible that either party may take additional measures to avoid paying you benefits for your on-the-job injury. When insurance carriers or employers are skeptical about a claim you made under Workers’ Compensation, they might try to put you under surveillance. Learn more below about what investigators might be looking for by putting you under surveillance.

  1. Whenever you’re in public, you might be under surveillance: Private investigators have broad leeway to watch you whenever you’re outside your home. Keep in mind that, if your neighbors or someone walking down the street can see what you’re doing, then an investigator could be watching you, too. Investigators are especially likely to be present if you have a doctor’s appointment that your employer knows about, as the employer can tip the investigator off to the fact that you’ll be leaving the house that day.
  1. Social media counts as public behavior: Investigators are likely to be reading your posts to social media, looking for hints that you might be more physically capable than you’ve let on. For instance, if you post on Facebook about spending hours walking around the mall on a shopping trip, but your Workers’ Compensation claim is for a foot injury, this could be used as evidence that you’re not actually injured, after all.
  1. Inconsistent behavior can hurt your claims: There may be perfectly innocent reasons for you to look like you’re in more pain from one day to the next. Some days may be more uncomfortable than others, or you may choose to take or avoid taking pain killers on certain days. Nevertheless, an investigator may use video footage of you walking briskly one day, but limping as you walk into your doctor’s office, as evidence that you’re just exaggerating your injuries to support your claims. These inconsistencies can not only make you look like you’re “faking”; they can also make you appear to lack general credibility.

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