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What to Do When You’re Hurt at Work in Kentucky

Work injury claim

If you’ve experienced an injury at work, either from a serious accident or damage that has built up over time, there are certain steps you’ll want to take to protect your right to workers’ compensation under Kentucky state law. Here are some guidelines to follow after your workplace injury:

  1. Seek care for your injuries
    Once you’ve been injured, seek treatment as soon as possible to prevent the injury from becoming worse. If the injury is not an emergency, report the incident to your supervisor, but don’t worry about reporting something right away if you need help immediately. If the problem gets worse and you could’ve prevented further harm from developing, you might not be able to recover the full amount of your medical expenses from your employer.

    For the most part, the Commonwealth of Kentucky allows injured workers to choose their own physician to treat their workplace injuries, while still having all of your expenses related to the treatment of your workplace injury covered. This way, you’re not forced to choose from a list of doctors your employer has approved.

    However, if your employer has a managed care plan, you will be required to choose a physician from that plan to treat your workers’ compensation covered injuries.The bills for your medical expenses will all be submitted to and paid by your employer. You will not have to pay any expenses or copays out of pocket. In addition to bills for doctors’ visits and prescriptions, you are also eligible to have expenses relating to treatment-related travel covered by your employer.

  2. Ensure that your employer creates a report of the injury; and save all your paperwork
    Make sure that your employer has created an accurate written report of the incident leading to your injury, which you will need in order to make a successful workers’ compensation claim. If they do not create a report, try to email them or otherwise contact them in writing about the injury, so that you have a paper trail relating to your employer’s awareness of your injury. Additionally, save receipts and other documents related to your treatment, in case you need to present proof of these issues before the workers’ compensation board or in court.
  3. Seek benefits or take other legal action as soon as possible 
    The clock will begin to run on the amount of time you have to file a claim as soon as you realize that you’re injured. While this may be an obvious date if you’re hurt in an accident, the date may be less obvious if you have a repetitive movement injury, or a condition resulting from inhaling chemicals used by your employer. Contact an attorney to determine how much time you have to file a claim, and what your options might be if the time limit has expired.

Obtaining full compensation for injuries on the job can be difficult. Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier may have dozens of experienced lawyers on staff, and your employer has an interest in paying you as little as possible for your injuries. Contact an experienced attorney to ensure that you’re paid everything you deserve to bring your health back to 100% so you can get back to work. Call the Georgetown law offices of Jeremy Mattox for a consultation on your Kentucky workers’ compensation claim, at 502-867-6766.

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