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Wintry Weather Leads to Crashes on Kentucky Roads

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A recent spate of icy and snowy weather has hit the region, causing chaos on local roads. In order to stay safe and avoid a serious accident, there are strategies you can adopt while behind the wheel that can help you avoid a wreck. Read on for tips on navigating wintry weather.

On average, Georgetown, Kentucky receives only three inches of snow each year, but this winter has already exposed some local drivers to more wintry mix conditions than they’re used to seeing all year. The best strategy to avoid being injured on the road when driving conditions are poor is to stay home, but this isn’t always an option. If you must drive when there is snow, ice, or sleet on the road, keep these tips in mind:

Make sure your car is ready for the road: Be sure your car is equipped for the weather and stocked with emergency supplies. Ensure your brakes are in good working order, your tires have adequate tread, and your windshield wipers are new and not cracked. Also, be sure that you’re carrying a snow and ice scraper of some kind in your car, as well as a flare and a flashlight in case you do break down.

Give your car a tune-up: Tires must be fully inflated to come to a stop and handle water and ice on the road, and you’ll want to be fully visible with a full complement of working head and tail lights. Take your car in for a tune-up, so that you can be sure that your antifreeze and wiper fluid reservoirs are full and your car is fully equipped to handle a storm.

Give yourself more time to make a trip: When roads are slick with ice or water, you’ll need more time to come to a stop, and you may hit patches of ice you couldn’t see. You are more likely to follow the car in front of you too closely if you’re in a rush to get where you’re going, so give yourself more time than you need to get to your destination.

Be careful on bridges and overpasses: Bridges and overpasses freeze at a different rate than the regular road. Be extra careful when driving along these roads. If you do hit black ice, be sure not to slam on your brakes, but drive slowly and with caution.

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